Virginia Knight

I live in Bath, Somerset. In my spare time, I do a lot of singing in various choirs (soprano), including Bath Abbey Chamber Choir and Bristol and Gloucester Choral Societies. I have now achieved my ambition to sing a service or concert in every Church of England Cathedral in England. Since 2003 I have written a blog about my singing and concert-going and more recently an occasional one with book reviews and one on technology, the Web and work-related matters. photo of Virginia Knight

I'm on Facebook. I'm an occasional contributor to Geograph. I tweet a little, though mostly only to announce new blog posts. I lurk on and occasionally write to the Radio 3 Forum: The Choir.

On June 22nd 1996 I married Dr (now Prof) Gregory Sankaran in Little St Mary's Church, Cambridge. We are the parents of Naomi, born 1999, Alban, born 2001 and Magnus, born 2005.

I did an undergraduate degree in Classics at Merton College,Oxford (1982-6), then a Ph.D at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (1986-90) about Apollonius of Rhodes. After working for a couple of years at the Cambridge Group for the History of Population, I moved to Manchester in 1992, where until the end of August 1996, I worked as Census Information Officer at Manchester Computing, within what became MIMAS and is now Jisc's Digital Resources division. Until recently I worked at IT Services, University of Bristol. I still work in the IT sector.

I grew up near Reading, and attended the Highlands School, Tilehurst (which sadly closed in July 2011). I mention this because I'm in touch with almost no one from my time there and it would be good to hear from some of my contemporaries.

Information about my working life can be found here.

virginiakni at gmail dot com

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